Aboil Sands Acquisition

Coinformant Canada has acquired aboilsands.ca to use their efficient energy production techniques for sustainable crypto mining.

What Does Aboil Sands Do?

A new oil business generation that will provide not only energy but also health, wellness, and economic development. With outstanding blockchain technology and innovations provided by a professional and experienced team we make the long-term and balanced results.

The team understands how important is a proper use of the potential on significant oil sand land position and that is why we use all our high-quality experience and knowledge to achieve highest standards while doing our job. We worry about the future.

About Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Our services are built using the latest Blockchain technology. Not a lot of people understand this technology which is why it gives us an edge in the industry. Most people have heard of Cryptocurrency, for example there are lots of people buying Cryptocurrency in Canada but Blockchain is the technology it is based on. We don’t yet have our own Cryptocurrency, instead we leverage this technology to improve our services.

About Coinformant Canada

At Coinformant, we provide education around the cryptocurrency space for people in Canada. We are passionate about the industry and hope to make it easy for people to become a part of it.

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